What Comes With The Fish Tank Kit?

Once you decide to keep fish, choosing the best tank and set up your tank with the proper environment will determine the success of your aquarium. Your fish will require a complex ecosystem that you have to maintain frequently.
This is not an easy task especially with beginners when it comes to many options to choose from. It is difficult to know where to start. This is the season why you should get fish tank kit.
Many kits available contains all the basic things you will need to set up a fish tank.
When your fish get the perfect environment, it will take less of your effort on maintenance. Moreover, getting a fish tank kit also saves more money than you buy individually things. So what’s in the best aquarium starter kits?

The tank

You have to decide where you place the tank, due to that choosing the tank size that will fit with that place. But there is the basic rule that is larger always better. And one inch of fish should have one gallon of water.
You also have to choose between acrylic and glass tank. Glass is easier to clean, cheaper. But acrylic is more lightweight.


Lighting system

The kind of lighting will depend on the type of system you have panned to set up and the type of fish. But for almost the case, the best LED aquarium lighting is the most popular. They are not cheap but can use for both freshwater and saltwater.


There are some different types of filters out there. The external filter will work more powerful but tank lots of space outside the tank. Internal filter is cheaper and space the space outside but it is less effective.

Substrate and decoration

Some kit will come with substrate and decoration, but some are not. You can choose these things due to your preference.

Air pumps

Air pumps will increase the water flow and create oxygen. But it is non-essential equipment if your filter did great the work of circulating the water.

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