Best Reptile Heating Pad: Vivosun VS. Fluker’s heat mat

Once you know the importance of heating and maintain a constant temperature for reptiles and amphibians, you will want to get the best reptile heating pad.
Because the heat pad is easy, economical, fairly safe, and for the most part, it is also a reliable way to keep your pet comfortable and healthy in their enclosure.
In order to make sure the environment always stays warm enough for reptiles, there is nothing better than the heat pad. These following are the details of the 2 most popular heating pads: Vivo Sun 16W Under Tank Heater VS. Fluker’s Heat Mat.

#1 The size of heat pad

It is obvious that you have to choose the heat pad that suits your tank size. It is perfect to choose the reptile heating pad that covers 2/3 of your tank bottom. This will create the gradient temperature in the tank with a warmer side and a cooler side. Your pets can be able to choose the temperature that they want.
Vivosun is available in 2 different sizes. 6×8 inches is designed for 10-20 gallons tanks and 8×12 inches suits 30-40 gallons glass terrariums.
The Fluker’s mat is the square with 11×11 inches. This size of heat mad is ideally for small to the medium tank.

 #2 Stick anywhere

The same feature of these two heat pads is that they both do not come with their own adhesive.  With the heat pad include adhesive, it will be stuck permanently to the bottom and once you stuck it, you cannot change the placement again. This also makes you harder when cleaning the tank.
To install them, you can use duct tape or electrical tape. And you can totally roll them up and move them to another place as you see fit.

 #3 Maintain a constant temperature

Fluker’s mat is a low wattage heating pad. This heat mat can reach the temperature of 100F. However, it tends to concentrate heat in the center, so the outer zone the temperature is around 80F.
The advantage of his feature is that you do not have to worry about there being too much heat. It will more suitable for animals that require lower temperatures. They also can use for plastic enclosures without melting plastic.
Vivosun is better tan Fluker to maintain a constant temperature. It can reach to 104F. It contains the nichrome heating agent and an 8-watt appliance. Vivosun is an ideal heat pad for those who are looking for consistency, it produces the same heat all the time but does not go out from safe levels.

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