Best reptile foggers: BETAZOOER Reptile Fogger vs Zoo Med Reptifogger

High humidity levels in the enclosure are necessary to closely replicate the reptiles’ natural environments. Not only that, but humidity is also healthier for reptile skin, eyes, and respiration.
This is why you need the best reptile fogger to increase the humidity level for your pets. Below are two trusted foggers that we would like to introduce you: BETAZOOER Reptile Humidifier and Fogger vs Zoo Med Reptifogger Terrarium Humidifier.
Personally, I appreciate BETAZOOER fogger higher than the product of Zoo Med, it compatible with a variety of reptiles and enclosures. But if you have a small cage and do not have much space, then you can consider the compact Zoo Med Reptifogger, it can be the best reptile humidifiers for you.

#1 Water Capacity

Water capacity is the amount of water the fogger can hold. It will determine the running time of a reptile fogger. The larger tank capacity will not require refilling water frequently as much as the smaller ones.
BETAZOOER fogger has the tank capacity of 2,5 liters of water providing a maximum fog output of about 320ml per hour. With this large tank capacity, BETAZOOER can last for days without a refill.
Zoo Med fogger is the smaller device. This fogger comes with a tank that can hold for 1 liter of water. Zoo Med Reptifogger is perfect for small terrariums by its capacity.

#2 Versatile

Not all reptiles have the same need for humidity levels. It is better to get the fogger that offers an adjustable misting setting, which allows you to control the amount of fog output.
Luckily, these two foggers come with adjustable fog output control. You can easily adjust the fog output by the rotate bottom in front of the devices. Moreover, with the large range fog output, BETTAZOOER fogger can satisfy specific of different reptiles.

#3 Flexible Hose

The hose is where the water passes through the tank to deliver the fog to the enclosure. The flexible hose helps for easier setting up the fogger. Furthermore, it is better to get the device with a long hose if possible.
BATAZOOOER comes with a stretchable hose, it ranges from 1.3 up to 5.3-feet. It includes two suction cups that allow you to easily stick the hose to the tank. You are also allowed to adjust the hose to fit in the tank.
Zoo Med Reptifogger has an adjustable hose that extends up to 3 feet. This is the drawback of this fogger since the hose is too hose.

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