What are the different types of survival boots?

It is a big change that you may have to face with all types of terrains such as muddy, slippery, sandy or any other types when exploring the wildness or going for outdoor adventure. In such situation, a comfortable foot wear is direly required. The best survival boots will to protect your feet from the harshest of elements.

However, there are many different styles of boots with different pros and cons. This post will help you choose the right types survival boots that best suit your needs and the trip you plant to go.

#1 Hiking boots

Hiking boots can be the burly version of running shoes. If you are hiking any long distance in the remote areas you should choose the boots are designed for comfort, breathability and support. The hiking boots should be ankle-high.

The tapered plastic midsole is better to provide sole rigidity and protect your feet from shape stone and other elements while allowing a solid amount of flex for the comfort of your feet. The drawback of this boots is that they may not be as durable as other boots.

#2 Mountaineering boots

If you looking for the boost that suitable for rocky territory, glacial trails or snowy paths, these are the boots for you. They’re built to handle a heavy load, and can stand up against the toughest terrain.

If you plan to use them for mountaineering, then choose the boots with full grain leather uppers, fantastic traction, and minimal seams. Most mountaineering boots are usually made with full-grain leather. It is perfect for rigorous hikers looking to traverse unsteady terrain

They are designed to be worn outdoors in harsh conditions. These boots are often high cut for extra leg protection, include nylon midsoles waterproof and durable.  The cons of them is They may be a tad bit rigid for comfortable full-stride hiking.

#3 Military boots

This is the safety choice for deserts and mixed terrain. The military boots are designed primarily for durability, what make it perfect for survival situation. They are often lightweight, comfortable, breathable that you can wear even in the hot weather.

However, this style of boots is not suitable for hiking long distances, not always waterproof and also should not be used in the cold weather.

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    Seedking Review (www.seedking.com): Best Cannabis Seed Bank that Ships to USA

Seedking Review (www.seedking.com): Best Cannabis Seed Bank that Ships to USA

Our Seedking review is mixed. On the surface, this looks like a terrific source to buy cannabis seeds. But we’ll explain in a bit why we say on the surface.
First, the website is first class. It has 10 categories of best seed banks in usa listed, Feminized, Auto-Flowering, High THC, Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Fast Growing. CBD. Regular and Bestselling.
Pricewise however, they are a little stingy on the seeds. Order 3, and you pay almost $41. That’s $13.66 per seed. Ouch! Even when you order 10 seeds, you still pay $9.5 per seed.
We are also very confused about what payments they accept. They state on their website they do not accept payments such as paypal and credit cards.
That seems clear. Unfortunately, the next words on their website are are that they do accept them and even accept the credit card symbols on their website.
Which is it Seedking? Do you accept credit cards or not. Therefore we’d say email before ordering for clarification
We sort of clarified everything when we selected a product and asked that it be shipped to the United States. Our choices were to send cash, checks, money orders, bitcoin, or pay via credit card through Mesh Payment.
We noted that Mesh charges 10 percent processing credit cards, so your best bet if you want to order seeds from Seedking is to use Automated Clearing and have the money come directly from your bank account.
The three major pluses for Seedking? First, they ship directly from California to US customers. Second, they have a lot of product choices. Third, the product descriptions are very good.

What do customers say?

Unfortunately, high prices aren’t apparently the only problem with Seedking.
Out of our most trusted review site, Seedking received 56 percent excellent reviews but one-third of all reviews rated Seedking poor or bad. Thirty percent rated them bad.
There were many complaints of never receiving their orders and an equal amount of complaints about bad seeds that don’t germinate.

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    Best automatic chicken coop door: ChickenGuard Extreme vs Brinsea

Best automatic chicken coop door: ChickenGuard Extreme vs Brinsea

Best automatic chicken coop door is the user equipment will solve your problem and inconvenience of waking up at the crack of drawn to open the chicken coop door and closing it every evening even if it is terrible weather.
We have listed up here the top 2 picks the best chicken coop door opener units: ChickenGuard Automatic Chicken Coop Door vs Brinsea Products Chick Safe Premium Automatic Chicken Coop Door.
The chicken coop door opener of Brinsea is highly appreciated since it is really reliable, strong but lightweight. This product is perfect to use for replacing heavy doors or for coops that require horizontal doors.

#1 Power sources

ChickenGuard Extreme opener is powered by some way are solar, batteries and electric. You can connect this opener to the mains supply if your chicken coop is permanent.
The solar kit also recharges the batteries so you will have to worry about power failure. Moreover, it equipped with the indicator LED light that will always let you know if there is any power problem.
Brinsea chick safe automatic opener powered by 4 x AA batteries supplied or electric powered via USB cable. Batteries will prevent power outages. But the drawback is that you will need to replace them since 4 AA batteries can last for only 6-9 months.

#2 Programmable control

Chickenguard Extreme allows users can program the time to open in the morning and close in the evening the door by setting the timer or using the easily adjusted (LUX) Light Sensor
Brinsea Chick opener comes with the timer and the light sensors to trigger the door to open at dawn and shut at dusk automatically. That means you can schedule a specific time you want to open an close to your coop door.

#3 Quality

ChickenGuard produces a high-quality automatic opener product that is cover by the weatherproof casing and encapsulated in epoxy resin, which makes this opener can withstand the elements even in the severe weather.
ChickenGuard Extreme opener has the ability to lift the door of 4kg. It includes the highly durable cord, which offers a breaking strain of 25kg
Brinsea Products Chicken Coop Door Opener has the door and runners are made of high-quality alumina, which is designed to resistant rot, corrosion and warping. The door is also waterproof, impact-resistant and lightening proof so you will not worry to use it on any weather condition.

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    Best reptile foggers: BETAZOOER Reptile Fogger vs Zoo Med Reptifogger

Best reptile foggers: BETAZOOER Reptile Fogger vs Zoo Med Reptifogger

High humidity levels in the enclosure are necessary to closely replicate the reptiles’ natural environments. Not only that, but humidity is also healthier for reptile skin, eyes, and respiration.
This is why you need the best reptile fogger to increase the humidity level for your pets. Below are two trusted foggers that we would like to introduce you: BETAZOOER Reptile Humidifier and Fogger vs Zoo Med Reptifogger Terrarium Humidifier.
Personally, I appreciate BETAZOOER fogger higher than the product of Zoo Med, it compatible with a variety of reptiles and enclosures. But if you have a small cage and do not have much space, then you can consider the compact Zoo Med Reptifogger, it can be the best reptile humidifiers for you.

#1 Water Capacity

Water capacity is the amount of water the fogger can hold. It will determine the running time of a reptile fogger. The larger tank capacity will not require refilling water frequently as much as the smaller ones.
BETAZOOER fogger has the tank capacity of 2,5 liters of water providing a maximum fog output of about 320ml per hour. With this large tank capacity, BETAZOOER can last for days without a refill.
Zoo Med fogger is the smaller device. This fogger comes with a tank that can hold for 1 liter of water. Zoo Med Reptifogger is perfect for small terrariums by its capacity.

#2 Versatile

Not all reptiles have the same need for humidity levels. It is better to get the fogger that offers an adjustable misting setting, which allows you to control the amount of fog output.
Luckily, these two foggers come with adjustable fog output control. You can easily adjust the fog output by the rotate bottom in front of the devices. Moreover, with the large range fog output, BETTAZOOER fogger can satisfy specific of different reptiles.

#3 Flexible Hose

The hose is where the water passes through the tank to deliver the fog to the enclosure. The flexible hose helps for easier setting up the fogger. Furthermore, it is better to get the device with a long hose if possible.
BATAZOOOER comes with a stretchable hose, it ranges from 1.3 up to 5.3-feet. It includes two suction cups that allow you to easily stick the hose to the tank. You are also allowed to adjust the hose to fit in the tank.
Zoo Med Reptifogger has an adjustable hose that extends up to 3 feet. This is the drawback of this fogger since the hose is too hose.

Best Reptile Heating Pad: Vivosun VS. Fluker’s heat mat

Once you know the importance of heating and maintain a constant temperature for reptiles and amphibians, you will want to get the best reptile heating pad.

Because the heat pad is easy, economical, fairly safe, and for the most part, it is also a reliable way to keep your pet comfortable and healthy in their enclosure.

In order to make sure the environment always stays warm enough for reptiles, there is nothing better than the heat pad. These following are the details of the 2 most popular heating pads: Vivo Sun 16W Under Tank Heater VS. Fluker’s Heat Mat.

#1 The size of heat pad

It is obvious that you have to choose the heat pad that suits your tank size. It is perfect to choose the reptile heating pad that covers 2/3 of your tank bottom. This will create the gradient temperature in the tank with a warmer side and a cooler side. Your pets can be able to choose the temperature that they want.

Vivosun is available in 2 different sizes. 6×8 inches is designed for 10-20 gallons tanks and 8×12 inches suits 30-40 gallons glass terrariums.

The Fluker’s mat is the square with 11×11 inches. This size of heat mad is ideally for small to the medium tank.

 #2 Stick anywhere

The same feature of these two heat pads is that they both do not come with their own adhesive.  With the heat pad include adhesive, it will be stuck permanently to the bottom and once you stuck it, you cannot change the placement again. This also makes you harder when cleaning the tank.

To install them, you can use duct tape or electrical tape. And you can totally roll them up and move them to another place as you see fit.

 #3 Maintain a constant temperature

Fluker’s mat is a low wattage heating pad. This heat mat can reach the temperature of 100F. However, it tends to concentrate heat in the center, so the outer zone the temperature is around 80F.

The advantage of his feature is that you do not have to worry about there being too much heat. It will more suitable for animals that require lower temperatures. They also can use for plastic enclosures without melting plastic.

Vivosun is better tan Fluker to maintain a constant temperature. It can reach to 104F. It contains the nichrome heating agent and an 8-watt appliance. Vivosun is an ideal heat pad for those who are looking for consistency, it produces the same heat all the time but does not go out from safe levels.

What Comes With The Fish Tank Kit?

Once you decide to keep fish, choosing the best tank and set up your tank with the proper environment will determine the success of your aquarium. Your fish will require a complex ecosystem that you have to maintain frequently.

This is not an easy task especially with beginners when it comes to many options to choose from. It is difficult to know where to start. This is the season why you should get fish tank kit.

Many kits available contains all the basic things you will need to set up a fish tank.

When your fish get the perfect environment, it will take less of your effort on maintenance. Moreover, getting a fish tank kit also saves more money than you buy individually things. So what’s in the best aquarium starter kits?

The tank

You have to decide where you place the tank, due to that choosing the tank size that will fit with that place. But there is the basic rule that is larger always better. And one inch of fish should have one gallon of water.

You also have to choose between acrylic and glass tank. Glass is easier to clean, cheaper. But acrylic is more lightweight.


Lighting system

The kind of lighting will depend on the type of system you have panned to set up and the type of fish. But for almost the case, the best LED aquarium lighting is the most popular. They are not cheap but can use for both freshwater and saltwater.


There are some different types of filters out there. The external filter will work more powerful but tank lots of space outside the tank. Internal filter is cheaper and space the space outside but it is less effective.

Substrate and decoration

Some kit will come with substrate and decoration, but some are not. You can choose these things due to your preference.

Air pumps

Air pumps will increase the water flow and create oxygen. But it is non-essential equipment if your filter did great the work of circulating the water.

Townhomes for Rent in Tamarac, FL

We also offer townhomes that are approximately 1,400 square feet and feature two and a half bathrooms, a full-size washer and dryer, entertainment bar, and a large storage closet on the patio. All of our floor plans are available on 12-month lease terms.
If you would like to view our spacious floor plans in person, we invite you to contact our leasing office today. We will be happy to take you on a personal tour of our community.

Pet Friendly

Your Pet Will Love Cypress Club Apartments

Cypress Club is excited to invite you and your pets to enjoy our newly renovated apartment community in Broward County Florida. We are a pet-friendly apartment community with plenty of grassy space for your furry friend to run and play. Please take a moment to review our pet policy and keep in mind that all animals are subject to approval from management.

Pet Policy

  • Cats and Dogs Welcome
  • 25 lb Weight Limit
  • Up to Two Pets Per Home
  • $400 One-Time Fee Per Pet
  • $25 Pet Rent Per Pet
  • Must Be House Trained
  • Brand new dog park
  • Contact our Leasing Office for Specific Breed Information

You and your pet will both enjoy access to our designated, on-site pet area as well convenient access to pet essentials at our neighborhood Petco store, a five-minute drive south on Brookwood Boulevard.
For more information on our pet-friendly one, two, and three bedroom affordable apartments for rent in Tamarac, FL, contact our leasing office today.

Pets Love Living At Cypress Club Apartments

Cypress Club is excited to invite you and your pets to enjoy our newly renovated apartment community in Broward County Florida. We offer pet-friendly apartments for rent in Tamarac, FL that boast superior recreation facilities on a 10-acre community. Our outdoor fitness trail provides plenty of space for your furry friend to run and play. For your added convenience, these popular Tamarac and Coral Springs Dog Parks are also nearby:

  • Gary B. Jones Park for People and Pups
  • Dr. Paul’s Dog Park, a Popular Broward County Dog Park
  • Cypress Club Apartments’ On-Site Dog Park for Residents

With luxury amenities set in a comfortable community feel, you will quickly understand why residents fall in love with their new homes at Cypress Club Apartments. Contact our leasing office to learn more today.


Affordable Luxury inTamarac, FL

Cypress Club is an affordable, gated community with a small neighborhood feel. We offer residents a sparkling pool, heated spa, and relaxing poolside veranda with an outdoor grilling area. You might decide to cancel your gym membership once you see our state-of-the-art fitness center where you can enjoy a heart-pounding workout on cardio machines and strength training on BATCA weight equipment.
Our Key West-style apartment homes feature tile flooring throughout, in-unit washers and dryers, spacious floor plans, extra storage, and newly appointed kitchens with sleek white cabinets and brushed nickel accents. When you want to socialize and relax outside of your apartment home, don’t miss our air-conditioned, well-appointed clubroom and cyber cafe.

Community Features

  • Fitness Center
  • Swimming Pool
  • Poolside Veranda
  • Clubhouse
  • Family Friendly
  • Gated Access (Double Gate System)
  • NEW Security Cameras
  • Online Rental Payments
  • On-Site Management
  • Close to Park
  • Pet Friendly
  • Playground
  • Spa/Hot Tub
  • Tennis Court
  • Reserved Parking Available
  • Brand new dog park

Apartment Amenities

  • ​​Wheelchair Accessible
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ceiling Fans
  • New Cabinetry
  • Private Balcony or Patio
  • Stainless-Steel Appliances
  • Walk-In Closets
  • In-Home Washer & Dryer

Come See What Makes Us Exceptional

If tennis is your game, challenge a friend to a match at our on-site tennis courts. Everyone will appreciate our outdoor woodlands fitness trail for a leisurely walk or an invigorating jog around our 10-acre apartment community in Tamarac, FL. The kids will stay busy on our fun-filled playground.

To see what makes us exceptional contact our leasing office today and inquire about a personal tour.

Best greens for bearded dragon: Are greens good for them?

Bearded dragons are known as omnivorous, that means they can eat both plants and meat including insects and fruits. It’s probably because they come from the desert areas where the resource of food is not abundant.

What is the best portion of bearded dragons?

Do you wonder if feeding bearded dragons a lot of greens are good for them or not? It is absolutely yes. Feeding a variety of greens gives them a much amount of nutrients, which they need to keep their bones strong and boost the immune system.

Generally, a bearded dragon’s greens diet will depend on their age, on average about 50% plants and 50% meat. But if you are feeding adult bearded dragons, 75%-80% of their portion should be vegetables.

What are the best greens for bearded dragon?

The recommended is that a variety of dark, leafy are best greens for bearded dragons such as broccoli, turnip greens, clover, cabbage, green beans, bell peppers, kale, mustard greens, kohlrabi, etc. These greens are the supply of vitamins and minerals and should make up a large part of their portion.

Followed yellow, red and orange vegetables also can be fed such as carrots, corn, sweet potato, mushroom, etc. Your bearded dragon should avoid eating light green vegetables, which mainly contain fiber and water but fewer nutrients.

What to do when beaded dragon does not eat these greens?

You can feed them cooked or raw vegetables, but raw is always contain more nutrients. Vegetables should be washed clean and sliced into thin.

Different greens have different certain vitamins and calcium. Some bearded dragons prefer to eat only certain greens and they are picky when you feed them. In this case, you should mix up the greens they like and do not like to eat as a salad; you can ensure their portions are always balanced.

Note: Never place bearded dragon food directly on the substrate. Even the best substrate for bearded dragons can cause a certain effect if a bearded dragon eats them.